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CodeGPT Enterprise

Empower your dev team with AI Coding.

Boost productivity and reduce bugs with an AI that understands your unique context, providing the best answers you deserve.

Trusted globally by 1M+ Developers, including those who work in Industry-leading companies.


Forge your AI Coding

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Empower Your AI Coding with your data.

CodeGPT Enterprise: an AI that understands your context and code.

Deep Contextual Understanding

CodeGPT Enterprise analyzes patterns and complex structures in your repositories, offering comprehensive insights into your code, and supporting you in your coding tasks.

Advanced Repository Dialogue

Interact with your code as if conversing with an expert on your project, going beyond simple RAG queries.

Contextual Code Generation

Get precise code suggestions perfectly aligned with the architecture and style of your existing projects, ensuring the quality of your work.

Limitless Scalability

CodeGPT Enterprise can efficiently process massive repositories without sacrificing speed or accuracy, adapting seamlessly to your team's and data's growth.

AI for coding with your Context

Empower your team with the best AI for coding. Secure, efficient, and tailored for you.


Talk with your documentation

Create an AI Agent that understands your documentation, API information, SDKs, etc. This agent assists with your devs while coding. Also, it can be provided to your customers and for onboarding new employees.

5x developer productivity

AI assistants are available at all times. Resolve bottlenecks and optimize code. Speed up development across your entire team with the best AI coding generation tool.

Superior code quality

Improve your codebase standards, early issue detection, and resolution. Reduce technical debt for stronger, easier-to-maintain software.

Fast onboarding

Faster onboarding of new team members. AI agents that understand your project enable new developers to onboard quickly by consulting your AI agents. Knowledge transfer becomes smoother throughout your organization.

Enhance Your Workflow with AI Coding.

AI-Powered Development

CodeGPT Enterprise revolutionizes your development process with our AI technology, boosting productivity and code quality with your context and documentation while maintaining the utmost privacy and security.

  • AI Marketplace: Expansive AI Agents. Access 100+ specialized AI agents, each proficient in specific frameworks and technologies, enhancing your team's capabilities across diverse development domains directly in your IDE.
  • Seamless Integration: Native IDE Compatibility. Integrate effortlessly with VSCode, JetBrains IDEs, and browser extensions, ensuring AI assistance is always at your fingertips within your preferred development environment.
  • No-Code Customization: Tailor-Made AI. Create and deploy custom AI agents without coding. Easily incorporate your documentation and best practices for an immediate 5x efficiency boost from day one.
  • API Flexibility: Seamless Workflow. Leverage our robust API to integrate CodeGPT's capabilities into your existing workflows and custom applications, enhancing your development process at every stage.


CodeGPT has revolutionized the way I work. It simplifies my research and development processes, allowing me to ask questions, validate code snippets, and get relevant suggestions based on exactly what I'm working on.

Jesse Messenger

Senior Developer

Boost your dev team with AI Coding

Experience AI-assisted coding that knows your context, enhanced productivity, and uncompromising privacy. Transform your development process today.

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Integrates with top cloud platforms and the best AI models, including Open-Source.

Frequently Asked Questions

CodeGPT Enterprise is an AI-powered development assistant that boosts your team's productivity, streamlines workflows, and ensures code privacy. It integrates seamlessly with popular IDEs and offers customizable AI agents tailored to your specific needs.

CodeGPT Enterprise is deployed entirely within your infrastructure. Your code and data never leave your controlled environment, ensuring maximum security and privacy for your intellectual property.

Absolutely. Our AI Playground allows you to create and fine-tune assistants without AI or programming knowledge. These assistants start with a baseline understanding of your context, avoiding cold starts and increasing efficiency from day one.

We offer native integrations with popular IDEs, version control, and collaboration tools. Our flexible API enables seamless integration with your current tech stack, enhancing your development process at every stage.

CodeGPT is designed to be model-agnostic. If you switch AI models, the knowledge and context accumulated by your agents are preserved, ensuring a smooth transition and maintaining the efficiency you've achieved.