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Empower Your Coding with a Team of AI Assistants

Explore our AI Assistants and Copilot Generator Platform, tailored for coding. We offer the perfect solution, specifically designed to make it simple for the engineering teams to code using AI.

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Copilot for Developers
For Devs

Simply link your CodeGPT Account to our IDE Extension (VSCode / Cursor). This will enable you to start coding alongside your AI sidekick. It's similar to Github Copilot, but with added flexibility: you control the prompts, choose the LLM, and empower your coding with as many AI Assistants as you need...


AI Assistant creator
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Begin by creating your AI Copilots, Agents, or GPTs, whatever you prefer to call them; or select one from the Marketplace. You can establish your own Organization Marketplace with your internal documentation, and summon the agents from various applications. NO CREDIT CARD REQUIRED :)

AI Assistants at work

Integrate your Assistants into your custom projects using the CodeGPT API or our direct integration with Make. This empowers the AI assistant to handle a wide range of tasks on your behalf, from crafting posts for Instagram and Twitter to managing your emails or executing any specific task you require, even for coding!


AI Assistants Marketplace

Build your team of AI Assistants

Easy to export or share with your team in just one click

Create, Deploy, and Export 

You can access the agents using our IDE Extensions (VSCode, Cursor, and more), or the CodeGPT API for more advanced users

CodeGPT Stripe Agent
Generative AI For Business: Don't share your IP

Privacy solution: Our tech in your infrastructure

Integrate our technology into your system, which can be customized to meet your specific data privacy and security needs. Our platform is designed for rapid deployment, ensuring easy integration into your existing systems. It offers access to a comprehensive suite of AI-powered features for coding, with our Copilots designed to boost the productivity of your devs tenfold. What are you waiting for to streamline your development processes?


CodeGPT for Visual Studio Code

Fast, free, & incredibly powerful

AI-powered coding

Like Github Copilot but you have the control

Download our extension for VSCode and code with AI. Choose the AI model you want to use, utilize your own agents and prompts, screenshot to code, code completion, unit testing, and much more!

We support major cloud platforms, and AI models even the Opensource LLMs.